Check out some of my recent work below. If you like some of my work, then get in touch for your own design!

My offers

Have a look at the sort of work that I offer at competitive prices!

Website Designs

I create stunning website designs at a competitive price

Twitter revamps

Looking for a twitter revamp? Not to worry, get high quality designs for a VERY good price!


Get a forum signature that reflects YOU at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Display pictures

You should be well reflected online. Your avatar is the first impression users get. Make it a good one.

About Me

This is a short description about me.


Hi! My name is Philip Marsh. I go by the name of Katos online. I have been interested in graphic design for a while, and have been providing digital graphics to clients for the past year.


Hi, I'm Suraf and I offer coding solutions to clients, I partner with Marsh Designs to help code website designs and provide development solutions where needed.

The Team

Here is the team that helps make Marsh Designs a possibility




Lead designer, and the original founder of Marsh Designs




Suraf is a partner of Marsh Designs and helps to code client website designs when needed.

Our past clients

See who we have worked with in the past!


Frequently Asked Questions

Any Frequently Asked Questions from prospective, or previous clients go here.

Do I own unique rights?

This depends on the design that you have purchased, but more often than not you do. Please check if you are not sure.

What file type do I get?

Your file type will be either a PSD (photoshop file) or a png; feel free to request other file types if needed.

Are prices negotiable?

Sadly not, our prices are competitive, if they don't suit your budget however you can contact us so that we can try and work something out for you.

Can I share your work elsewhere?

Absolutely! We just ask that you leave credit where it is due.

Your design contains my image, what gives?!

Marsh Designs sometimes makes use of images found online for manipulation and design purposes. Whilst we try to abide by best wishes, if you are not happy with your design being used please contact us.

Are you guys hiring?

At this moment in time, we are not hiring. Sorry!

My Blog

See our latest updates from the blog.

CS6 photoshop layout

Photoshop Borders tutorial

So, had a few people asking me how I do borders lately. The most common one that people like is the “double border” with black and white lines around the¬†entire¬†circumference of the signature, as demonstrated in the example below:     Here is how to do it.   Step 1 what you do is duplicate […]

CS6 photoshop layout

Forum Ranks tutorial

How to make Forum Rank bars. In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to make Forum rank images that will leave your users wanting to climb up the ranks towards those sparkling gold badges! To begin with, please ensure that you have Photoshop installed and ready to use. We will be using Photoshop […]

network structure

The Marsh Designs Network

Hi!   It’s been far too long without change here at Marsh Designs, but today I am pleased to announce the development of a new chapter for Marsh Designs. With this in mind, I thought I would take this time to make the first blog post of the “new” Marsh Designs about the new network […]

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